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The spark plugs in your Subaru BOXER® engine have a big job to do in a fierce environment inside the combustion chamber. When the time comes to replace the spark plugs in your Subaru, trust the experts in our service center at Kearny Mesa Subaru. We'll only use genuine OEM Subaru spark plugs and ensure the rest of the ignition system is working exactly as the engineers at Subaru intended. Our technicians have been trained by the factory, and no one knows your Subaru engine better, so you can trust them for your next tune up.

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Why is it Important to Change the Spark Plugs in Your Subaru Engine?

The spark plug is what ignites the combination of fuel and air in your engine and makes it run. They do this by generating a perfectly-timed spark between an electrode that has a precise gap. Over time, these electrodes will wear down, the gap can become altered, and other normal wear makes it necessary to replace the spark plugs with new ones that have been approved by the factory. If not replaced, old spark plugs can cause issues with the efficiency and performance of your engine, and in extreme cases, cause problems with the engine even being able to run.

How Often Should You Have the Spark Plugs in Your Subaru Engine Replaced?

Genuine Subaru spark plugs are made to last, and that means you shouldn't need to have them replaced too often. This service is included in regularly-scheduled Subaru maintenance, which you can find outlined in your owner's manual. Since different fuel quality and driving demands are among the things that can alter this generic schedule, we recommend speaking with a service advisor for the best spark plug replacement schedule for your needs.

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We understand that your time is important, which is why we work hard to make sure you don't have to wait any longer than necessary for your Subaru maintenance, service, and repair. Basic maintenance like oil changes and inspections can typically be taken care of quickly while you wait, or let us know you're coming by filling out our convenient online service appointment form. We're located at 4797 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111, and we look forward to meeting you at Kearny Mesa Subaru.

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The quality and value of Subaru engineering is among the best in the industry, and you won't find better factory-trained technicians to take care of your Subaru than the team in our service center at Kearny Mesa Subaru. From basic maintenance like brake pad replacement and oil changes to more involved repair and service work, our competitive pricing and leading knowledge means you get more for your money. In fact, you'll save even more when you take advantage of frequently updated special offers on common Subaru services. Find answers to