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While Subaru has made many innovations and made headway into the future of automotive engineering, Subaru vehicles still depend on internal combustion to generate power. That means your Subaru Boxer engine needs to intake clean air for the process of burning fuel and creating pressure in the cylinders. To do that, your vehicle is outfitted with an engine air filter. By replacing your engine air filter, our technicians will ensure that your Subaru continues to burn fuel cleanly and efficiently so you can get the Subaru driving experience you deserve.

Subaru Engine Air Filter Replacement Information at Kearny Mesa Subaru

Why Should You Replace Your Engine Air Filter at Kearny Mesa Subaru?

Replacing your engine air filter at regular intervals is important for maintaining the health of your engine but this important maintenance also helps you get more out of your vehicle. Because gunk, unburned deposits, and debris can build up on your engine air filter, your engine may be performing at less than peak efficiency. If you've noticed a reduction in your engine performance or fuel economy, ask your Kearny Mesa Subaru technician to check your engine air filter.

When Should You Schedule Engine Air Filter Replacement?

The maintenance interval may vary depending on your model but we recommend replacing your engine air filter every 30,000 miles. You can also have your trusted team of technicians at Kearny Mesa Subaru inspect your engine air filter for you. If your air filter has built up with deposits, we'll replace it with a new one and get you back on the road driving like the day you brought your Subaru home!

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